Keep Writing

I am a terrible self-critic. As much as I have encouraged even the most mediocre student to excel, I am woefully negligent regarding getting behind myself and cheering.  Well, this is getting ready to stop.  Pom poms, on, head clear, I am jumping towards my success. That means more writing, more contemplating, more clarity, more […]

Remembering the Disremembered

These are what I would like to call altar shrines.  Wearing them helps me to be in touch with Nyame Dua.  The Adinkra sign for the altar of God.  Reminding us as Sojourner Truth did that we are free to praise the Power of Being directly and have access to that renewing and restorative energy at […]

Yep, it’s time to make that change

Michael Jackson’s voice keeps echoing loud and clear, albeit with some adjustment for gender.  “I’m lookin’ at the woman in the mirror.” My patience, like a once-striped shirt threadbare from washing, wearing, and being, is thin.  I can’t handle the millennial student’s entitlement, but more importantly, their dependence on continued stroking and affirmation.  The two […]

Taking Time for Self Care

I am probably no different than most Baby Boomers.  We are the generation of folks that have a strong work ethic, so strong that we don’t know when to stop and give ourselves the care that we need when we need it.  By the time we finally slow down we are depleted.  I promise God […]

Habits of the mind

Writing along with reading and thinking are habits of the mind.  As a result of these habits, one’s life can improve tremendously.  In these brief daily reflections, I will try to capture some of the ideas that float in my mind informed by an ancestral awareness that helps me to pay attention to those essential ideas […]